Saturday, April 15, 2006

Recipe Rolodex

I was researching rolodexs, hoping to find one to catalogue recipes I actually use. The recipe box really just isn't helpful. The sticky 'note' flags are nice, but when you have them scattered everywhere in various cookbooks and scraps of paper, it's just not efficient. I thought a flippy rolodex would be helpful- the kind Charlie's Angels used in the 80s- circular, and I could just refer to it as I cooked. It turns out that they're not made anymore, and today's rolodexs only fit business cards. And business cards just aren't big enough.

So this blog will be my rolodex. I'm not bringing the laptop into the kitchen (or at least not the counter...) but I will be able to refer to it when travelling, and all those flattering friends and family can just check the blog when they're looking for one of my recipes.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

You can find the perfect recipe Rolodex at the following website, and it holds 4x6 cards.