Monday, May 15, 2006

Pizza that needs work

Tonight I made a potato rosemary pizza. The combination is one of the more popular cornerstones pizzas of Italy, but my version needs work. I put a tomato-pesto sauce on first, topped with thin sliced new baby red potatoes sauteed with minced rosemary and sweet onion. It was all topped with mozzarella. For one thing, it needs garlic- it was begging for garlic. Also, I think there may have been too much rosemary (1/4C for a large pizza), it tasted kind of bitter at times-maybe there were some woody elements in it. And perhaps some actual dobs of pesto sauce would have been good- or perhaps simply substituting the tomato suace for the pesto sauce. It's edible as is, it's just not great.

P.S. Tony liked this pizza as is, so maybe it's just me.

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