Sunday, May 21, 2006

Yogourt Coffee Crisp

I'm a sucker for candy bar variations. I went to the store to buy a new biodegradable sponge to wash my floors with. And I came back successfully with the sponge- and a yogourt Coffee Crisp! My attention was drawn by the "New!" in bright red letters and then it quickly won over my more sensible self. I have already tried the Coffee Crisp in dark chocolate, orange, and strawberry. And I had to have 'the set'. It's like collecting flavour experiences, even though you know it's not going to be incredible, but it's so cheap, you think, why not? It's a great marketing gimmick to get people to buy something they wouldn't normally, and it's easy market research too. For example, it seems the strawberry KitKat (I prefer original) is here to stay, as is the Smarties chocolate bar (I won't eat them, but Tony likes them). It reminds me of the potato chip flavour-a-thon from the eighties in my childhood. Every chip company was trying to outdo each other with unusual flavours. It's interesting to see how many of those flavours have stayed (i.e. roast chicken) making Canada a potato chip tourist destination. Local businesses but up special chip displays on cruise ship days especially for this purpose!

My assessment of yogourt Coffee Crisp: OK, but very sweet- I had to take a break eating it. The inside layers are still the light brown coffee flavour, but the yogourt coating overpowers it. I don't think I'll buy it again, but I'm glad I did buy it once!

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