Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Hardbite Chips

I’m not a chip person, but I love trying out new food products. Wandering around Shoppers Drug Mart, I discovered a new potato chip out of B.C. They’re pretty good. I bought Salt & Vinegar and Wild Onion & Yogourt. It was actually the ‘wild onion’ that caught my eye, and the ‘yogourt’ that kept it there. These are small bags, 50g- so they’re a reasonable eating size. At $1.19 each, they’re a little pricey in the potato chip world, but if I want to eat chips, I’d rather pay a little more for something tasty and interesting. The best part of the Hardbite chips is the bite- quite firm. The WO&Y wasn’t as interesting as I thought it would be, but my brother thought they were great. And some hardcore vinegar fanatics might want more vinegar on their S&V, but I thought it was a good balance. They'd be good with tuna sandwiches.

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