Saturday, September 02, 2006


Hudak’s is an organic market about 10 minutes from my Gramie’s on Route 7, just outside of St. Alban’s, Vermont. I managed to visit every day, attracted initially by their corn on the cob, which is picked fresh daily on the surrounding fields. This was the sweetest most flavourful corn I’ve ever had. Corn is best eaten as soon as possible from the time it is picked, as the sugars will convert to starches as time passes. I don’t usually even have the opportunity to buy or eat fresh picked corn, so this was a culinary novelty for me. I wish I could have taken some home with me.

Hudak’s also has piles of basketball-sized cantaloupes, peppers, tomatoes, honey, maple syrup, local cheese, beans and garden plants for sale. Everything is Hudak’s grown, from local farms, or from other organic producers. In three days I also managed to buy local cheese, Amish peaches, Hudak's cantaloupe, and Hudak's maple syrup. I really really wanted to buy the pick polka dotted French haricots, and bundles of fresh garlic, but managed to restrain myself. In case you're not as easily sold as I am, they have a sample table which offered melon, salsa, bean salads, and cheese dips- you could have had lunch just from the sample table. There is a resident cat, dog, and wandering chicken. There are turkeys in a pretty cool fenced area. There is even a cider mill on site and a baby blue 30’s era Porsche for sale. This place gets bonus points for style, on top of their great food.

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