Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Lane's Privateer Inn, Liverpool, NS

I stayed in Liverpool for two nights, at Lane’s Privateer Inn. Liverpool is an old pirate town, and was later pulled into respectability by an influx of loyalists and plenty of good British redcoats to keep everyone in good order and make money the capitalist way. In honour of their heritage, the town celebrates Pirate Days, and paints their hydrants to look like soldiers. Pretty cute.

I ate dinner Monday night in their dining room and it was delicious. For one thing, the section of the dining room I ate in is also their bookstore, so it had great ambience. I started with a salad of romaine lettuce, pecans (so fresh), mandarins and a delicious mango ginger dressing. This was a great salad and made me re-evaluate my stinginess with nuts. Instead of rolls, they served a rich luscious biscuit. It would have been perfect with chowder, but I didn’t mind eating it. My main was cheese tortellini with a creamy lobster pesto sauce. It was good, but the salad was the star. Friends also recommend the haddock cakes and chow chow. If in Liverpool, definitely stop by.

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I really enjoy reading your travelogues! Thansk for sahring your experiences -