Saturday, November 18, 2006

PC Frozen Dinners

Yes, this is the sad state of my culinary habits lately. I've been in Sydney, Cape Breton this week, staying at the Cambridge Suites Hotel. One of the nice features of this place is that the suites have sitting rooms, office desk, sink, microwave and bar fridge. This means, that if I don't want to eat at a restuarant, I don't have to. If I want to buy an 8 pack of individual yogourt servings bc I have refrigeration. I can buy more than one smoothie or juice drink at a time. I can warm up my muffin if I want. I can loll on my couch and watch TV while I eat, if I want to. When you've been eating out of restaurants for two months, this is a luxury.

Well, the luxury ends tomorrow when I check out and drive to New Glasgow. So I celebrated with frozen butter chicken. It's basically impossible to get Indian, Thai, Vietnamese or real Chinese food outside of the urban centres. And since most of the Maritimes are distinctly not urban, I'm eating enough chicken dishes, chowder and spinach salads to do me for months.

I've discovered that President's Choice has great frozen entrees, and I can enjoy butter chicken, chicken korma, biryani and chana masala! They're not bad, actually, nothing like what I thought a frozen dinner would be. Even the basmati rice is good. I definitely recommend, if you can't buy or make your own, or if you just want a break.

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