Monday, November 13, 2006

Signs taken for Wonders: Moose

There are a surprising number of variations on the moose sign. I guess we need them, there are a lot of moose in NB. This one is taken in the Irving Blue Canoe parking lot in Lincoln. The highway between Lincoln and Saint John has flashing light moose signs every 10 km. The moose on the sign is double the size of the little person car. And yet, the ones that are the most alarming are between Miramichi and Bathurst, with enormous life size moose signs on yellow.

So far, I've only seen one moose, on Highway 116 in NB. Almost no one drives this highway, in part because of the moose and deer caused fatalities, but also because there really aren't any house, only fishing and hunting cabins. I saw her on a logging trail, and thought she was a llama at first. Unfortunately there are no known wild llamas in NB. It's not a goal to see a moose or deer, you'd rather not. But you would like to see them in time to do something about it. I've been lucky so far- 7 deer, 1 moose and 2 foxes, and we've all survived.

The title is compliments of Franco Moretti's book on literary theory, part of my background as an English major. I've always liked it, and it pops into my head at times like this.

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