Thursday, December 07, 2006

At Home, but not in the Kitchen

Highway 1, NB, due West. Look carefully- there's an Inukshuk on the edge. I love that you'll find Inukshuks everywhere, plus Batman symbols, declarations of love, and at this time of year, even fully decorated Christmas trees.

I'm at the office, unpacking, or at the desk at home working. Oh well, I have big plans for this weekend. I am eating, just cooking...

Today, I ate lunch at the Crusader Cafe at Kennebecasis Valley High School, one of our local high schools. The counsellors invited me and my colleague to eat with them in the student run restaurant in advance of doing an information session for grade 12 prospects.

We've eaten there before, and I am impressed with it and the students. The soup today was Golden Tomato Soup and it really was delicious: reddish orangev with corn, cleery, onion, peas. It was rough, flavourful, chunky and thick- perfect for a winter soup. The dessert was a frozen sponge cake layered with cream, ice cream and chocolate. It was very good, though rich. And the students were very nice. Our server had beautiful long shagy blonde hair (a guy). I love trendy young guys' hair these days- way better than the helmet head hair from my high school days. It was probably an unfortunate influence of their GI Joe childhoods.

The menu wasn't exactly as promoted (i.e. lasagne instead of chicken fajitas), but making a good meal out of what you have is one of those important lessons every good cook has to learn.

A lot of schools and culinary colleges have teaching restaurants their students practice in and I definitely recommend checking them out. I like supporting educational initiatives, but the food is usually quite good, for an excellent price. And who doesn't want to support and encourage budding foodies?

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