Sunday, December 10, 2006

Spice Organization

We used to keep our spices in a drawer, but they became too heavy and messy and we've been throwing them in a big basket in the corner of the kitchen. It's been about a year, and I have browsed many organizational options. Most of them seem to be made of heavy wood, take up shelf space or are just too expensive if they also happen to be functional and attractive.

President's Choice has come to the rescue, as they often do with household needs. For $19.99, anyone with access to a Superstore or a Market (or a Loblaws) can buy an enormous magnet holding 6 magnetic canisters. They have sprinkle holes, and a pour hole and of course you can take the cover off. They come with small printed (in English and French) static cling labels that you can see across the clear cover. They're a little small, but it's easy to add your own labels, as I did. You can buy as many as your collection requires, and of course, you can put anything you want in them. I imagine lego pieces and stray hardware fitting nicely in here. You can buy the cannisters separately also. The set comes with a selection of six spices to get you started (which are remarkably quite fresh). I am definitely a happy consumer.

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