Saturday, February 23, 2008

Perhaps Citrus is for Cats

We have no idea what Eddie was doing in the fruit bowl. Underneath the clementines were pecans, but neither of them should hold much appeal for a cat. Both pecans and clementines had been there for a week before he took notice (or so we think). When we walked into the kitchen he would sit down and pretend he wasn't interested. When he thought we were busy elsewhere, he would start burrowing again, sniffing noisily, moving the fruit with his nose.

I am always surprised that the cats continue to be so excited about their tablespoon of canned wet food in the morning, and their dry food for the rest of the day, accessible at any time. They eat with so much gumption (crumbs falling out their mouths...), and never seem to grow tired of the same flavour, day after day, year after year. Unusual occasions of food investigation like the one above shore up my suspicion that they are bored, but are generally making the best of things.


Inkslinger said...

Goodness. Eddie is rather gorgeous, huh? Pretty eccentric taste in food, though. My cat goes for hazelnut and mint. The mint seems to fall within the bounds of feline culinary interest. Hazelnuts? Not so much.

Nerine said...

My sister's dog likes broccoli, carrots, pineapple, but hates lettuce. I do think animals must have their own unique taste buds.