Friday, June 30, 2006

Ms.Grouchy Tries Omelets

Oy, it wasn't until I considered dinner options did I realize I hadn't had anything to eat all day. I moved my alarm clock time up by an hour this week with the expectation that I would be more efficient and get out of bed within 5 min. of the alarm. It hasn't been working out, and as a result I have not had breakfast at home and today I guess I just forgot about eating. But I had three large coffees and no doubt I am underestimating the nutritional value of cream and caffeine.

A friend (who had to put up with my food deprived grouchiness all day) gave my a box of Omega 3 brown eggs. She picked them up in a hurry, but realized when she got home that they were brown. She is repelled by brown eggs. And then someone else piped up that he doesn't like brown eggs either. I asked what the difference was- none, that they knew of, it was ust aesthetics. They don't like brown eggs and don't want them in the house.

This seems massively unfair to me- even though I opened the box and felt a slight surprise at how brown they are. I grew up with a mix of brown and white eggs (my mother preferred brown eggs, she thought they were pretty), and I buy them on occasion now too, so it's not like I don't know what they look like. I think these Omega 3 brand eggs might actually be browner than my local farm supplier that supplies free run normal eggs. I'm going to buy a carton of free run eggs tomorrow to compare.

Tonight I made crepes for the first time in about 12 years. And they were edible, presentable, but not stunning. I used a Paderno non-stick pan, and barely put any egg in the bottom. That's the key I guess. I've been frightened of crepes for so long, primarily because of the egg. It turns out that my big challenge was how to keep the filling of spinach and mushrooms inside. That's not so awful.


Zeb said...

eggs and mushrooms in a crèpe!? ...travesty!

Anonymous said...

I like the mushrooms... but try chicken & spinach (spiced a bit) with a light creme sauce..... amazing!!

Nerine said...

why are mushrooms a travesty...?