Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Phantom Eating

No, Tony hasn't left me. We're both working full-time, including an evening or two per week. And I'm taking a class, and he's in a recreational soccer league. So that means we only have dinner together about once, maybe twice a week. The result of this is that we both feel like we're single eating again. This happens to us every once in a while. It happens to Tony for three months of the year when I'm away for work. Neither of us feels compelled to make a nice meal for only ourselves, so we end up just eating fruit and yogourt, bagels and cheese, or talking friends into going out with us. This is fine once in a while, or even for about two weeks. Eventually, it gets boring. And unhealthy. And I can no longer stand eating at Tim Horton's, the only food outlet open at work during the off season. Two months of bagels is just too long, I can't do two more.

Class is cancelled for this evening, so I'm making food for the rest of the week. For dinner for myself, I made a Balti Butter Chicken. The leftovers will be for Tony when he comes home late, and for lunchs tomorrow. I'm also making bau, individual steamed buns with beef inside. There is a yeasted sugar cake on the rise and a pumpkin tart is in the oven now. Tupperware containers have been filled with pretty fruit combinations: cherries and strawberries, melons, pineapple and raspberries.

My goal is that "there is something to eat" that makes you feel like you're eating, and keeps you relatively healthy. In short, that doesn't seem like it should be difficult, but I find myself typifying the standard North American busy person, who a) feels it isn't worth the time and effort, and b) who doesn't make the time.This is probably how people move to microwave dinners. It's depressing.

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