Saturday, July 15, 2006

Update: Yogourt Coffee Crisp

My office is located in a there-be-dragons region. As an incentive to attract visitors, we host a candy bowl. I recently purchased a snack pack of snack size inidividually wrapped yogourt Coffee Crisp bars for this purpose. I don't like them, as I mentioned in an earlier post, but the pressure was on to fill the candy bowl and maintain our reputation for candy bowl stardom (yes, there are competitors), and they were there, convenient for the purpose. So I bought them.

They attracted quite a bit of discussion, confirming my suspicion that everyone likes to try candy bar variations. The interesting thing is that almost every taster likes them, a lot. The few people who don't like them are big fans of 'chocolate' chocolate bars. In my case I was disappointed in the lack of traditional Coffee Crisp flavour, but the people who enjoy them are just in love with this new flavour experience. I guess this is an example of market diversification happening before my eyes.


Sharon said...

A candy bowl? Sounds like a neighbor I once had as a kid, who had a candy cupboard (actually 2 cupboards joined). I swear the mother kept this cupboard to ensure her daughter had friends (she was not a very likeable person) as every kid in the area wanted to see it & eat from it's massive stash! I'm guessing this idea must still work?

I do like coffee crisp but I'm not so sure about all the different flavors though I haven't been tempted to try them either. I rarely eat a chocolate bar these days and never buy them.

Your birthday celebration sounds excellent!! Your description of your newly acquired books makes me want to take a trip to the book store. One can never have enough cookbooks!

Enjoy the books and trying out all the wonderful (interesting) recipes!

Zeb said...

Perhaps Kuna is having trouble making friends.....

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