Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Daniel's Flats

These are more pictures from our recent excursion to the Hopewell Rocks. Something a lot of people don't realize (myself included, until recently), is that the Hopewell Rocks park actually includes a variety of hikes, other uniqely named rock formations besides the ones known as the Flowerpots (which are the ones I posted), bird migration routes, a sea kayaking company, an interpretation gallery, etc. You can actually spend quite a lot of time time there and not see the Flowerpots, if you want to.

These photos were taken at a lookout. When the tide is out in August, the mud flats are covered by thousands of birds, gobbling tiny crsutaceans, building up strength before they fly South. From the lookout, we could just barely a crowd of the birds on the remaining shore as the tide came in. As the water moved in, quickly, the birds would take off. No doubt they were back in about nine hours as the flats and the shrimp became available.

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