Friday, August 31, 2007

Overheard: The Fog Comes

Just a few minutes ago, I heard this from a young guy in clothes that were too big for him as he walked with his friend a few paces behind me:

I know some say the fog is depressing.
I know some people think its depressing to be in Saint John
but I love being near the water.
You know when you're near the harbour
and its cloudy all day
and the fog comes.

He said it in a typical, not saying much of anything voice, but it sounded loving. I looked quickly over my shoulder as I turned up my steps. They were both wearing ball caps, their t-shirts were baggy in an unstylish way. The speaker was looking at the ground. But his friend, who hadn't spoken, saw me look. I know, because I saw him reflected in the glass door of the building, looking back at me.

This picture was taken outside my window on the evening of July14/07.

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