Saturday, November 10, 2007

Last Call for Honey Crisp

These are my all-time favourite apples. Even if you don't rank and re-rank apples every time you try a new variety, chances are, you'll still like this one. Most people I give a Honey Crisp to, love it. The people who don't, are Tony, and one other person both of whom prefer tart apples. In both cases Granny Smith apples are their favourite. Granny Smith used to rank as top apple for me too, and it's still in the top five... but the Honey Crisp is just so good.

The Honey Crisp is from the Annapolis Valley. The average Honey Crisp is large, and the perfect shape for the palm of your hand. It's crispy, and yellow fleshed. The flavour is like a light honey- sweet but not sugary or cloying. It's not as sweet as the Pink Lady, which I sometimes find overpowering. There is a good ratio of juice to apple, moist but not enough juice to run down your arm.

Anyway, the last of the Honey Crisps can still be sought out if you're quick about it. I bought extra this weekend because I know it's the last of them. Some local vendors started selling out two weeks ago, so I was lucky I was able to get a last cache at the market. If you have a chance, pick some up. Even if you're not an apple eater, I bet you could sell them to the desperate, or use them for bribes.

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