Monday, December 29, 2008

A New Kitchen

My kitchen no longer looks out on Duke Street: it looks out on a garage and Champlain Street (Champlain is also the statue in my profile picture). We bought a house in early December and I've spent most of that time moving and unpacking. We still have a lot to do, but the place definitely feels more lived in now.

After setting up the bed, the kitchen was the first priority to unpack, and it has become the centre of the house, again.We've already made a few good meals here, including Christmas dinner, but we're still learning about this kitchen: how the oven works (perhaps the temperature is a bit lower than our last), the spaces in the fridge, the best spot to keep the knives and dish towels. There are some elements which won't be decided on until we know our kitchen better: the curtains (I've always wanted red curtains with yellow ducks- but what shape should they be?), where will the rack of pans hang, and should there be a rug at the kitchen sink?

This feels like building a relationship with someone I know is going to be a best friend, so I'm savouring every step.


Poppy said...

It is really essential to decorate kitchen... It is important part of any home!!

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