Monday, March 02, 2009

I'm Still Here

I'm just distracted. Our first child arrived three weeks ago. Between the move, baby prep and baby arrival, food has become a lower priority. And yet, after making sure the baby is fed, food is our first thought.

We're lucky that our baby is a good sleeper and already has a rough schedule- which allows us to get some sleep too. But he also likes to be with us as much as he can be, which limits hands and our ability to create wonderful meals. There are things we're doing now, that I never would have contemplated previous to Baby's arrival: we bought Carnation hot chocolate mix instead of making it from scratch; we have individual frozen meat pies in the freezer; I'm composting vegetable pieces instead of making stock. And making cookies or bread, let alone homemade pasta seems like a crazy idea. Food has become a basic for keeping up on other things, and I'm pretty excited just to get my dishes done each day. I know I'll be back to normal in a bit, but right now, I'm even amazed I'm typing this post.


Dan Tanaka said...


You will find your way back to the food bliss someday. In the meantime, enjoy your Carnation and frozen meat pies while taking in everything new and exciting that Soren does.

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